Lamination Kit

TheNine Brow Lamination aka Brow Lift is an innovative brow lifting treatment, for lifting and modelling brow hairs into the shape of your dreams! No matter if you are looking for fluffy effect, spikes, or the polished and clean effect, we can create it all.

The system has very easy and safe application process without using glue to the hairs! Besides creating amazing brow effects, this treatment is rich of protein and keratin and nourishes the hairs making them smooth and healthy.

This Lamination System Kit includes:

  • Protein Serum
  • Fixing Cream
  • Sculpt Gel

The content of this Kit is sufficient to do around 30 Brow Lamination or Brow Lift treatments. The products can also be used for Lash Lift treatments.


Properties & Instructions for Use:

1. Protein Serum: is used in the first step of the brow lamination treatment. This protein based serum opens the hair cuticle, reacts by softening the inner structure of the hair. It allows that the shape of the hairs can be modified into the desired shape/look.

How to use: Make sure the brows hairs are clean and totally free from make-up and pre-cleaned to take off sebum and dead skin cells (we recommend to use iColor mousse).
Apply the Protein Serum to the eyebrows with the help of (mascara) brush applicator. Cover the area with plastic Film (foil) and leave product on for 5 min. for thin hairs and up to 10 min. for very thick hairs.

Make sure you brush the browhairs in the middle of setting time in the desired direction and work precise to set the hairs perfectly. Cover again with foil. After setting time remove the serum with a dry cotton pad.

2. Fixing Cream: is the second step of Brow Lamination treatment. The Fixing Cream is again based on proteins and keratin and will set the new shape of the hairs by restoring the protein. This cream will neutralise pH levels and will help making the hairs soft and silky.

How to use: Apply the Fixing Cream with with use a mascara brush applicator and brush it through the eyebrow hairs. Make sure all hairs are covered, brush the shape of the hairs in the desired direction and cover the area with Plastic Film (foil). Leave product on for 5 min. for thin hairs and up to 10 min. for very thick hairs.

Make sure you brush the browhairs in the middle of setting time in the desired direction, work precise, set the hairs perfectly, and cover again with foil. After setting time remove the cream with a dry cotton pad.

3. Sculpt Gel: is the last step of Brow Lamination treatment.

The benefits of our Sculpt Gel:
– Adds volume and thickness to brows
– Proteins & keratine to smooth, replenish and hydrate browhair
– Improves ‘fluffyness’ of eyebrows
– Seals the result of Brow Lamination Treatment
– Activates hair growth

How to use: brush the cream through brow hairs  and leave on. Make sure the treated area stays dry for 24 hours after the treatment. Make sure there is no contact with water or steam (in the shower!)

Attention: if you like to make tinting of hairs (dye) in same treatment then first proceed with tinting process. Make sure you never remove tinting with water! Apply Sculp Gel as final step after tinting/color is fully removed. 

Tip: Sculpt Gel is also perfect product to recommend using at home on daily base. It helps keeping the hairs smooth, hydrated and healthy and stimulates growth and thickness.


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