The ultimate NUDE BEIGE, a subtle and elegant color with a warm-yellow undertone and medium coverage. The color is suitable for giving light powdery finish, can be used on its own for nude look. Also amazing color to create 3D Volume effect using it as final pass on certain area’s on the lips.

Techniques: lip blush technique, Ombre technique, 3D Volume effect
Can be mixed with:NUDE PINK, LIP KISS, RED, BERRY WATERMELON, ANTIQUE RED, ROSE, CORALLIEN. Mixing this color will make other colors more ‘powdery’ and more soft.

Look out sexy lips! Your clients will love iColor Pigments, especially when it comes to lips treatments. iColor is market leader if it comes to lips, ‘nude’-looks, Lip Blush effects and lip enlightments.

Qualities: pigments don’t change to undesirable tones – color stays stable over time. Pigments enter skin easily, spread evenly.

Pigments are created with highest grade of cosmetic and pharmacological ingredients, are free from heavy metals, parabens, toxic components. Hypoallergenic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Sterile packaging.

Contains minimal amount of titanium dioxide!



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